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Relive the mystery of the Middle Ages in Cluj-Napoca 10/04/2014

           Have you ever wanted to be a Knight or dreamt to marry one when you were little? Well, now you have the chance to get a little taste and see what that world, back then, looked liked and if you would have liked it better than our technologically driven world.

          On the 26th of April in Cluj-Napoca takes place the second edition of the Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), a sport that takes place and is much appreciated all over the world.

          Historical Medieval Battles are full contact sports fighting, where defensive and offensive weapons of the Middle Ages, made and adapted specifically for this type of competition are used. HMB are held on the lists of standardized shapes and sizes and, depending on the format of the battle, different types of authentic weapons are used. The concept of HMB combines all forms of full-contact combat with the use of objects of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages, namely historical fencing, melee, duels, small-group battles, mass field battles, professional fights, etc.

            Historical Medieval Battle is full contact fighting on steel blunted weapons. Fighters wear full armor, which, like the arms, is made according to historical analogues. Blows can be aimed at any part of the body (with very few restrictions), both percussive and wrestling techniques are allowed. Historical Medieval Battles is a sport that absorbs the best elements of all existing martial arts, it offers an opportunity to learn ancient martial art techniques and the latest training methods, an ability to become a good fighter in an environment that cannot be offered by any other kind of martial arts. It is a medieval combat, which becomes a new stage in the development of martial arts of the modern world.

          So, if you enjoy watching movies that portray the Middle Ages, if you want to know more about that period or just enjoy fighting sports, this might be the event you don’t want to miss.

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      Relive the mystery of the Middle Ages in Cluj-Napoca

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